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First, Thanks for your interest!

We enjoy a good challenge. Our passion is dedicated to staying on top of our game with the most innovative solutions available on the market today. Our core focus is to deliver results and be your trusted advisory.

We cater to businesses of all industries, each strategy is unique to the clients specific needs. Our experts and trusted partners bring value to your enterprise and we do the homework.

We are located in Northern New Jersey – Yeah we’re Jersey Guys. We get right to the point and make it happen. Done. No time to sugarcoat, we do the work and you get results.

Honesty, integrity, teamwork and dedication – these are the words and principles that CustomerBloom has built it’s reputation.

As the principal and founder, I have been committed to bringing these values to our customers, partners and suppliers alike, since our inception. In an industry that has become over complicated, companies are looking for partners that will go the extra mile and make it simple.

I commit that once engaged as a true business partner, CustomerBloom will deliver the very best price, value, customer service, and flexibility for the present and for the future.

matt-coffyMatt Coffy,

CEO and President