Emotional Readiness: Believing In The Future


CustomerBloom CEO Matt Coffy shares his thoughts about being emotionally ready and courageous to face the future so you’ll be able to focus on making progress in the present.

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Discussion points:

01:20 Matt talks about letting go and accepting risks

04:30 The truth about emotional readiness


It’s Matt Coffy here. It’s another episode of my journal read. Again, I do these journal reads pretty much once a week to make sure that we have folks who are interested in learning the entrepreneurial journey from my eyes. We built a digital agency. We’ve grown it to seven figures this year for the first time, and we’re really seeing some of the cadences that all businesses go through as they sort of mature into the first phase and sort of building up employees. The point of the journal is to talk about the discoveries I made and maybe things that can help you in your own discovery as you start maybe potentially bringing a business online or even in life just thinking about things as you go through your daily habit and structures that these things may end up giving you some advantages thinking through things a little bit differently.

Let’s start off today with emotional readiness, believing in the future. Delving into the realm of probability and possibility for the real effectiveness of feelings about business, the overwhelming concept still is about letting go and accepting risk. This is very interesting because I look back a year ago and these journal entries are from various times during the year. I just basically picked one. I think about the event that we had this May and how we were bringing people along to an event in another country and putting together a plan to bring about 20 people over to literally an event that was fictionally put into my mind. We constructed it and had an enormously amazing time. It’s really thinking about the higher in altitude we go, the farther away we are from the ground. There is movement but our wings grow wider. Confidence carries us above the clouds from yesterday as we dodge the hedge winds of the challenges. It’s when we have the tail wind of experience that can guide ourselves with the quicker spread of the wings.

'The higher in altitude we go, the farther away we are from the ground.” -Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

Really, what I’m talking about here in this journal entry is talking about the fact that this experience that I’ve had in the past helps me sort of move along faster. It would be very difficult for me to have the confidence to build out a beating on another country in the first couple of years of business. But now it would just seem automatic. Now I’m waiting for the next one. We got ourselves along gaining this insight really just overreaching thought by listening and accessing the thoughts of others who have endured such challenges. We want to learn and grow from these masters.

I didn’t invent obviously a get-together mastermind. But I had seen a lot of people who had done this. I’ve never actually been to an international mastermind, but I read, I’ve been through courses, I have listened to other mentors about how they built theirs and I built my own. So it’s a great story. It’s about being again emotionally ready to handle making these decisions.

'In the realm of probability for effectiveness, the overwhelming concept still is about accepting risks.' Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

Failing or falling does not need to happen, but because we’re aware of the data before we make these decisions. It’s an important step to maturing our thoughts. Questioning our surroundings is important to never stop improving the position as the one percent of improvements compounds over time. Thinking critically on the needs of the market in our case as a digital agency, as a marketing company, we need to grow the company very uniquely to take position and understanding that the models that support our growth factors are really specific. The models that support our growth factor are going to be very stringent on where we put our efforts. But we learn over time if you shotgun approach the growth of a business, it ends up really becoming a challenge over time because you can’t concentrate. There’s too many business models. Too many different ways of people interacting with businesses.

“Confidence carries us above the clouds from yesterday as we dodge the hedge winds of the challenges.” Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

The truth about being emotionally ready is to accept the possibility of the growth of the numbers that I want to achieve and that’s paramount. Really thinking around, again in our case, getting past the seven-figure mark for the first time. It’s understanding that we have to really mature our conversations around the people who will give us the answers, not conjecture, not theory, but case study material about the willingness to push down the mental walls from this day. This is really what the key of this discussion is about. Lessons are hard. Emotional readiness and being ready to believe in the future that you’re going to build is really hard; however, time is much harsher. So it’s making the effort to do the things that you need to do to get emotionally ready. That typically involves looking at other case studies or other mentors or other environments where you can start to really think if they got there, you can get there too.

Hope you enjoyed this episode. See you in the next one.