Intentional Manifest: Hire, Divide, Let Go, Repeat


In this Growing Business Faster podcast episode, Matt Coffy, CEO of CustomerBloom, talks about the mindset needed to take your business and life to the next level. It takes intentional manifesting!

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Discussion points:

01:30 Trading your time for freedom, what is it?

03:30 Matt explains why you need to take action and grow your business

05:20 People as the real revenue driver

06:00 What is intentional manifestation?


Hey, it’s Matt Coffy here. Another episode of the journal read that I do once a week. We talk today about Intentional Manifest: Higher Divide. Let Go and Repeat.

If you’re a business owner or someone who’s interested in moving their career forward, someone generally interested and just look at momentum and how to grow a business, we’re a seven-figure agency here in New Jersey. We do digital marketing. One of the things that I try and empathize is to give back some of the thoughts I’ve had and some of the things that might help you if you’re growing your business or if you’re just interested in really the cogs and wheels that go through someone’s mind who’s running a company. As we’re growing, I’m still going through these growing stages. We’re at that point where we really have to make some shifts and throttling our movements as a company. That’s what we’re talking about today. Again, the Intentional Manifest: Higher Divide. Let Go and Repeat.

'Leveling up is all about retooling and physically and mentally bringing the complexity out.' -Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

Goals, dream, houses, cars, money, and on and on it goes. Forever this is the concept is what are we doing and why are we there? I thought about this this morning and really one of the things that was on my mind was what is the point at the end of the day to get all this money, to accumulate, to build all this revenue? Really it’s to trade your time eventually for freedom. You can get into this endless loop of things that we have to do and the intent and the accomplishments. Some of the biggest challenges are from why and the major purpose for the event. At the end of the day, why are you trying to gain this freedom?

For me, I thought about it and I enjoy playing guitar, and I enjoy even going out to do gigs. I thought really what I should be accomplishing is getting more time for me to have that in my life. Obviously we have family and we have vacations and stuff like that which are important. But really to think about how do I engage myself into thinking about the things that I really, really like to do, and part of it is to try and think of, okay, if I had the time, what would I do, and then go back and think about the mechanics on how to adjust.

I want to live a more comfortable life and I want to be happy and excited every day. That might be a better idea, being happy and excited every day. That’s really the question and answer here, which is to really intentionally manifest that happiness. Not think to think through a working environment, but think about the things that you can do that will transition yourself to this comfortable, excited, everyday life.

'Right Intention is based on taking away what you’re doing so you can do more of what drives the right result.' -Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

Growing a business and doing your own business like I’m doing is another way to think about the result. The energy to deliver an intentional manifestation is along the lines of this action taking. In order to do intentional manifesting, you have to take some action obviously. Getting into a seven-figure business this year and then looking at trying to grow it to the next level, which to me is scary is to get to a $5 million, and that means to go from roughly $80,000/month where you have seven figures to $500,000/month. How the hell do you do that? There are so many mechanics there involved. The reason why I want to bring this up is that it’s really very much the same. It’s the outcome. Why to do this? I believe it has to do with more of the shared propensities—and get this—with higher level thinkers and people who are doing it. I always thought the real thing to do is to move yourself into the propensity of dealing with the much higher thinkers because that brings a lot more interest to your life because you’re dealing with people who are in another level who are having the same conversations at $5 million. I know there’s $10 million, $50 million, and $500 million. There are so many millions that you can get to. But for me I’m really interested into how people think and what they’re doing at these higher levels because it’s interesting to me.

It takes a lot to get to seven figures. That’s probably the hardest thing. If you’re going to try to do anything in life, getting to a seven-figure business is the hardest thing. But I think after that, it’s all mechanics. It’s all scaling. But that initial scale is very difficult. In fact, I think even getting to a half million is even harder than getting to a million because you have to scale.

Getting in the mindset of this business is one thing, but the next level takes thinking to a whole new level. Obviously this is the next thought process. It’s all about retooling and physically and mentally bringing this complexity out. If my intention is to manifest eventually a $500,000/month business in revenue, this is basically the next step of going to make the connections—again, connections to higher level people—to get this whole process of stepping up to this next level. That is the real revenue driver. This is all about people. We can talk a great deal about ideas and we can talk a great deal about how to theoretically get to these numbers, but until you start to replace yourself, you can’t move forward. I learned this over and over again. You have to hire, divide, let go, and repeat. Every time that I peel myself back from the standard things that I’m doing today, and I replace it with a new level of higher thinking, I move forward as a business.

'The energy to deliver an intentional manifestation is along the lines of action taking.' -Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

Intention will be based on the action of taking away what you’re doing today so that you can do the things that will drive the right result. That is intentional manifestation. Hire, divide, let go, repeat. Leverage all the way up.

Alright. Hope this was interesting and helps you through your day. Think about that. Intentionally manifest your next level.