Marketing Your Content for Visibility and Reach

How much data is created every minute? (Image Credit: )

How much data is created every minute?
(Image Credit: )

Creating content for online consumption requires two things: content creation and marketing. Without the latter, you will only be contributing additional noise to the internet simply because thousands upon thousands of pieces of content are being produced on a daily basis.

Today, it is essential to market your content to be able to gain visibility online and to be able to reach your target audience. Without a plan and strategy in place, you’ll only have a website that’s full of content that no one else gets to see. It shouldn’t be a dead-end for any website owner or content creator. It’s like writing a book and publishing it, but not putting it out on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and other bookstores that are accessible to readers.

Content marketing serves a greater purpose to anyone who wants to be visible online. You can create brand awareness and authority, cultivate your target audience, gain industry attention, develop thought leadership, help potential customers, grow relationships, and so forth. But in order to accomplish these things successfully, you’ll need to leverage your content by using clever marketing techniques.

You can choose from a variety of methods and channels to market your content to your target audience. But first you need to plan even before you create content. You need to understand what your target audience wants, what type of messaging you should use, and what opportunities you can use to promote your content.

The most popular and familiar channels you can delve into are social media marketing (SMM), press release (PR), search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), display advertising, email marketing, and retargeting. Whichever of these channels you choose will depend on your marketing goals and plan. You should also consider your resources, past experiences, and assets. Choose the channel/s that you deem necessary for your business and audience.


How Content Marketing Can Benefit From Link-building

Ethical link-building involves promoting your content to an engaged, relevant audience. It means finding relevant websites owned by people within the same industry and reaching out to them persuasively with the goal of securing a link.

Website owners who find your content valuable to their audience have a higher possibility of linking to it. In order to do this you either have to manually reach out to these people, unless they’ve already found you through other website owners or marketing channels.

Here are a few ways how links can improve your site’s visibility:

  1. Increased search result rankings – Having links from relevant and credible sites is a primary ranking signal for Google’s search algorithm.
  2. Gain new audiences through referral traffic – New audiences find your content on other sites through these links and site owners may use their own content marketing strategies that increase exposure to your links.
  3. On-page navigation – On-page linking is a good way for your audience to access other pages on your site.
  4. Improves credibility – Citations (using your link as a resource) from other websites add credibility and exposure to your website.

Content marketing with link-building, when done properly, will enable other websites to link to you. Link-building helps content marketing in increasing your site’s visibility and each link you build will add long-lasting value to your content. Link-building also creates connections since you do outreach (with site owners) and provide a means (links) for new relevant audiences to connect with you.