Powerful Updates from Wistia for Video Marketing


New Timeline Actions and More

Wistia has taken the video hosting market by storm. Having already made serious headway in offering competitive pricing, intuitive video hosting, and a beautiful video player, Wistia is now focusing on building marketing features into their platform. Recent improvements such as Timeline Actions and improved analytics have Wistia looking more and more like the go-to option when it comes to video marketing. Wistia is all about getting the most out of your videos, it’s best to be able to customize them as much as possible.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s new:

Timeline Actions

Wistia has cleaned up their customization panel and added a feature they call “Timeline Actions,” which enable video viewers to actually take action from within the video. Two standout timeline actions are Annotations and Turnstyle.

Annotations allows you to basically embed a call to action button at any point in your video. This is extremely helpful in scenarios where you’re referencing other content/resources during a video as you can enable your viewers to easily find the reference by just clicking the annotation from within the video. Annotations allow you to control the next step you want viewers to take after they’ve watched your video. This feature was in the Mid-Roll Links Lab, but it’s been updated and you can now get to it from the Customize panel, making it even easier than before to use.

Even more powerful is the new Turnstyle feature, which allows you to collect an email address from within the video. This opens a variety of possibilities such as filming teaser videos that prompt you to enter your email address to access the full content. Integrating the Turnstyle feature with automated marketing tools such as Active Campaign is something every marketer will appreciate as there’s always a conversion loss when viewers have to go from a video to somewhere else in order to opt into a campaign.

New Tracking Features

Using Timeline Actions, you can now track how people are using your videos. If you want to know how many people entered their information, you can figure that out, and if you want to know how many people clicked through on your Annotation Links, this can also be ascertained using Timeline Actions. It’s simple to find as well; just look for your Timeline Actions on the Stats page of the video. If you look at the heat maps, you’ll also be able to figure out how many people came back to your video after accessing a link you may have included using Annotation Links.

With these latest updates, Wistia has made it clear that they understand the needs of modern marketers and that they are committed to adding features designed to push the limits of video marketing.