Preparing for Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Update for Mobile


In April of this year, Google will be making more changes to its algorithm, updating it to favor mobile-friendly websites. Recent statistics have shown that traffic from mobile devices will soon reach 50 percent of the total share – mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular and the statistics suggest that they are here to stay. With Google’s new algorithm update, search engine results will identify websites that are mobile-friendly as well as those that are not. What does this mean for your website? It is simple – if your websites is not mobile-friendly, their Web traffic could suffer drastically.

The Implications of Google’s Algorithm Update

If yourd website is more than two years old, the chances are good that it is not mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly, according to Google, refers to the following:

  • Web content viewed on mobile devices resizes automatically to fit the screen.
  • The website does not utilize software that isn’t commonly installed on mobile devices (ex: Flash).
  • Web content is written in a font and text size that is easy to read without zooming.
  • Links on the page are spaced far enough apart that users can easily tap the right one.

Many companies state that 50 percent or more of their Web traffic comes from mobile devices, so if their websites are not mobile-friendly by the time the Google algorithm update kicks in, it could result in a drastic reduction in traffic. With Google’s Web Developer Mobile Friendly test, you can test your website to determine whether it meets the criteria stated above. If the website does not pass the test, Google will provide a list of errors that need to be fixed in order for the website to earn the “mobile-friendly” label.

Preparing for the Google Algorithm Update

With updates to the algorithm, Google will soon begin evaluating the mobile friendliness of websites at a page level, rather than a site-wide level. This makes it even more important for businesses to ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly throughout the entire site. CustomerBloom offers competitively priced mobile landing page packages that provide an effective and affordable way to make your website mobile-friendly from the homepage throughout the site.

With the rising trend in mobile Web traffic, it is more important now than ever for businesses to adapt their websites for mobile platforms. It is estimated that up to 94 percent of smartphone users search for local information using their phones and over 80 percent of them take action resulting from those searches. If you want to take a piece of that pie, it’s imperative to ensure your site is optimized for mobile traffic.

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