Conversion Rate Optimization


You’re here because you want an online brand that’s more memorable than any of your competitors’. A brand people love to engage with. A brand that hands you customers primed to buy.

And, most importantly, a brand and website that convert that primed potential into delightful dollars.

What a feeling! You’ve paid for some advertising and it’s paying you back, bringing prospects to your site in rapid fashion. But like a windshield wiper swatting away rain drops, your landing page is swatting away your prospects.

They’re leaving in seconds after they’ve gotten there! They’re ignoring your poignant prose, your clever design, and the value description of your product – all of which are supposed to entice buying, not fleeing.

So what’s going on? Well, either the wrong prospects are reaching your page (the ad is targeting the wrong people), the prospects that reach your page don’t see what they expect (the content of the ad is misleading), or your page isn’t doing it’s job right (it’s not effectively guiding prospects to the sale).

Let us optimize your ads and landing pages so they create a harmony more beautiful than a serenade of chocolate chip cookies and milk – a harmony with the pitch-perfect sound of money hitting your bank account.

You can work with us on conversion rate optimization in a couple of different ways:

  1. You can purchase it as part of a package that includes a delicious, memorable brand – and other tasty ways to help people find that brand.
  2. Or you can purchase it on its own – an individually wrapped treat.

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