Email Marketing


You’re here because you want an online brand that’s more memorable than any of your competitors’. A brand people love to engage with. And a brand that is proactive and alluring.

And, most importantly, a brand that your customersand prospects can’t wait to hear from.

Social Media, video marketing, SEO, PPC, and all that jazz get your prospects to you. Your brand makes them love you. Email marketing is what blooms their relationship with you, taking it to the next level.

Once you’ve got them, it’s easy to take their sale or their engagement, say ‘thank you’, and say ‘goodbye’. But they love you now. Keep the love flowing!

Use your engaging content and brand to capture their email address – and their hearts – for good. Then, don’t abuse it. Send them even more helpful and engaging content. Ask their opinions. Tell them about new products and services that might help them – without hard selling.

It’s easy to say, delicate to do. Let us do it for you. We create beautiful email templates that match your brand – and captivating content to put in them.

And if you’re not sure where to send people from your emails, we can create the perfect landing pages too.

You can work with us on email marketing in a couple of different ways:

  1. You can purchase it as part of a package that includes a delicious, memorable brand – and other tasty ways to help people find that brand.
  2. Or you can purchase it on its own – an individually wrapped treat.

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