Reputation Management


Build Genuine, Positive Reviews Quickly

The Quantity and Frequency of positive reviews for your business directly impact search rankings and buying decisions

Did you know that the average consumer consults 11 online reviews before making a purchasing decision? Studies show that if a business has a 1-2 star rating, only 13% of consumers will consider using it but if a business has at least a 3-star rating, it jumps up to 57%. 94% of consumer say they would use a business with at least a four star rating.

In addition to role in positive reviews play in the purchasing decisions of consumers, building genuine, positive online reviews is having a big impact of search engine rankings, especially since Google has reduced the local map results from seven to three. We’re seeing more and more data showing that building positive reviews for our clients consistently and frequently has a direct and almost immediate impact on the local rankings!

Our Reputation Management system automatically reaches out to your clients asking them to review your business. If they enter a good review, the system automatically follows up requesting they copy their review into popular reviews sites such as Google and Yelp. If the review is negative, it never leaves our system.

Our Premium Reputation Management service takes it a step further, adding a manual layer on top of the automation. Our team members will personally follow up with your clients, guaranteeing even more positive reviews are built within a specified time frame.