Redbooth: A Hidden Gem That’s Better Than Asana and Trello


Did you know that only 60% of work time is actually spent productively? That means if your average working week has 5 days, 2 whole days go to waste.

In a fast-moving, competitive field like digital marketing, you have to use your time optimally. Otherwise, your competition is going to catch up, and you’ll start losing clients.

People don’t buy into that “It’s better to be slow but good” mentality anymore: you have to be fast — and you have to be good. It’s just how it goes.

Using collaboration and project management tools solves this problem, some more effectively than others.

Most of the tools on the market aren’t that good at meeting the needs of digital marketing agencies that have a lot of clients.

Luckily, Redbooth is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

A Quick Note Before Moving On: Stop Using Email for Collaboration

Traditional workflows don’t cut it anymore, especially if you want to take on bigger projects and bigger clients. In fact, using email for workflow lowers the overall productivity of your agency.

The average user receives about 304 emails every week.

And it takes 16 minutes to refocus after handling an incoming email. Talk about a productivity disaster.

With email, it’s also difficult to determine what the status of any task is.

Also, email collaboration often results in poor execution/communication as it’s difficult to keep track of the most up-to-date files when they’re sent via attachments to emails.

The bottom line is this: if you don’t want to deal with missed deadlines and miscommunication — don’t use email for collaboration.

Research shows that using a good collaboration and project management tool increases the productivity of employees by 20-25%. That’s crucial for a digital-marketing-based agency, since your team can spend less time on day-to-day chores and more time on strategy.

And strategy is what sets you apart from the competition. Redbooth allows you to focus on that strategy in the most efficient way to date.

Redbooth: The Best Collaboration Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies

Redbooth is a project management and collaboration tool that has all the features you need built right into it so you won’t have to use multiple tools to achieve one task.

Redbooth’s Built-In File Sharing System

It has a built-in file sharing system, eliminating the need for services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

However, if you’d prefer to continue using third party software, integration between third party software and Redbooth is seamless. You can easily connect Google Drive to Redbooth if you want to keep using it for file storage, for example.

Redbooth Makes Your Workflows Much More Organized.

It allows you to have a workspace for each different client and each different project.

It allows you to keep all files for a project in one place. In fact, files are automatically placed in the ‘Files’ section whenever any file is uploaded to any task. And, to make this even better, when you click on the file to view it, it opens in your browser so you don’t have to download it. This works for most text-based files and saves a ton of time when you review a lot of mocks/documents per day.

It also has a ‘Notes’ section for you to keep track of all Administrative details. All usernames and passwords and other important information are stored in one place within the project.

Redbooth’s Chat Feature

Redbooth also allows you to have conversations with your team via a built-in chat feature and HD video and web conferencing system, making it much more than just a glorified to-do list.

Of course, it is also a full-fledged task & project management system.

The Features Redbooth Provides are Just Right

Too Specific:
Too Complex:

There are two types of collaboration tools out there:

1. The ones that target specific niches and specific use cases: Skype, Trello, Basecamp and Asana. They won’t fit your agency, because their scope is just too small. You’ll have to combine multiple tools, and it eventually becomes a mess.2. Expensive, complex solutions that are hard to implement: Jive and Microsoft Sharepoint

Redbooth lands perfectly in the middle, bridging the gap between too specific and too robust, making it specific and robust at the same time.

There’s no setup or installation, since it’s just a web application. You can also download the iOS or Android app for your smartphone. And their mobile app is complete, meaning you can access everything that is accessible in the browser version (as opposed to most apps being a “dumbed-down” version of the web application).

Problems with Other Tools That Redbooth Solves

Difficulty Jumping from One Project to Another

If you’ve had any experience with Trello, you know how hard it is to grasp all the tasks you have created across its many “boards.”

If you have a single client, it’s not a problem. But, as an agency, a ‘single client’ isn’t your reality. And, once you have more than one client, it becomes a struggle.

There’s also no way to see all of your tasks across multiple projects in a single calendar. You need to check the calendar for each individual board.

Luckily, Redbooth has a single dashboard where you can see every task across all workspaces (projects)..


You can fire up your calendar and see all of your tasks in a single instance. You no longer need to switch between projects to understand the entire view.

It’s Easy to Get Lost In Useless Functionality and Features

Asana is a good tool. And it’s also free. But it has an overwhelming number of features and it’s extremely hard to learn. That means creating and managing projects is a struggle.

Redbooth is balanced. It’s so balanced, in fact, it seems as if the team behind it knew exactly what your agency does and doesn’t need.

And although it offers a lot, you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

One example of useful functionality is creating “task list templates.” If you have a list of tasks that repeats for each project you run, you can create a task list template and implement it for each new project.


Non-Intuitive User Interface Design

Humans are visual creatures and create opinions about design in a matter of milliseconds. Your brain likes it when a tool feels intuitive.

The UI of Trello doesn’t feel professional. It looks a bit playful, almost amateurish.

And although Basecamp is useful, the UI is outdated and non-intuitive.

Todoist has a decent user interface but the process of creating projects is not easy, nor slick.

Then, there’s Redbooth. Redbooth has a minimal, yet beautiful, UI. Everything you’re looking for is right where you’d expect it to be. It’s easy to learn and easy to master. It’s extremely intuitive. You’ll know how to move around it after your first session.

Most of The Other Tools Are Not Real Collaborative Tools

Trello, Asana and Todoist have nice designs but, at their very core, they’re not real collaborative tools. At least not designed for an agency with several clients, employees, and contractors.

Redbooth allows you to create multiple organizations which is great for client work because you can build multiple workspaces (projects) for the same client.

Redbooth shines where other tools fail: it makes it easy for you to see what’s happening with each of your clients by separating each workspace into different sections.

First, you have tasks. This section is where you’ll be spending most of your time. You create task lists and populate them with tasks.

Then, each task can have its own subtasks. If you’ve ever used Trello, this will be a breath of fresh air for you.


Then, you have the Files section which enables you to see all the files that belong exclusively to this project. You can also create subfolders to further organize the project files.

And files are automatically placed into this section whenever their uploaded to any task of the project. So you never again have to go searching through tasks to find a specific attachment. They will always be waiting for you in the ’Files’ section.


The “Conversations” section allows you to post global updates for the workspace, keeping a running conversation going about the workspace when necessary.


There’s also a chat system and a system that enables you to share notes with contractors or freelancers who aren’t part of your organization. Those notes will be sent to their email as well. Even better than that, you can tag people in tasks using the “@” symbol just like in social networks. And, if someone doesn’t need to “do” anything for a task but needs to oversee it, you can add them as a “follower” to the task.

The “Notes” section is also great for keeping your data – like social media accounts – in one place.

Finally, there’s a robust HD video streaming system you can access right from within Redbooth. You can keep in contact with your contractors and clients from all over the world — within the same interface.


Conclusion and a Free Gift

Redbooth is a hidden gem that will increase the productivity of your marketing agency tenfold. It’s a tool that was built with medium-sized and enterprise companies in mind, not for individual freelancers.

We’ve created hundreds of projects from scratch within Redbooth and, in doing so, we’ve perfected project task templates for running an extremely effective project within Redbooth. Now we want to share these perfected workflows with you in a free eBook.

Because we want you to succeed as an agency.

And we want to cut out years of “trial and error” for you.

So don’t delay, purchase and begin using Redbooth today.

Use this form to get access to our CustomerBloom Learning Center where you’ll find the “Redbooth Task Templates” eBook. We’ll also be adding more helpful tools to the Learning Center to help you run your agency like a pro.