Taking The Training Wheels Off: Progress By Initiation


In this episode, CustomerBloom CEO Matt Coffy talks about getting to the next level  by taking the training wheels off.

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Discussion points:

01:15 Where in life do we find our training wheels still on

03:00 After taking the wheels off

07:00 CustomerBloom’s next big step


Welcome to another episode of Customer Bloom’s podcast. Very interesting podcast here. Sort of a transitional period where we’re going right back to interviewing guests. We have some really cool announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks where we’re going to be offering ability to work with us directly through coaching and also through some product sets that we’ll be able to sell directly online. Really cool stuff, very excited to get started.

This is another episode where we’re going to talk about a journal entry. This one is called Taking the Training Wheels Off: Progress by Initiation. Where in life do we come to finally recognize that we still have our training wheels on? This really talks about when we finally arrive to think about taking the next step to initialize a bigger discussion within the framework of our own. The point of this discussion is really to talk about where in your life do you find the “training wheels” still stuck on.

“You’re going to have that phase where everything is scary. After a while, it kind of moves on.” -Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

It came sort of to a fruition to me thinking about the fact that if we single-handedly really think through our day and the things that we’ve been doing over and over and over again and we really haven’t taken the big leap forward. Why do we still have the training wheels on? Think about this when you were a child and you were going through the process of learning how to ride a bike. At some point, you need to take the training wheels off. I almost feel like there are certainly places in life where it’s seemingly doesn’t really be aware of your own existence of having these training wheels. That’s the big problem.

It’s right in front of you typically where these training wheels need to be taken off. In my case, I thought about this as sort of the first step for me to bring people in to the company that will take my own training wheels by default. This is higher level strategic thought process of having these discussions happen without me or our direct clients. That’s been a big hurdle for me. But I actually realized once I started to bring someone on board that can have these really good strategic discussions, I don’t need to be there. That’s a huge leap for me. It’s like taking one training wheel off. I still have another one. But the concept is very similar is that there has to be a strategy around that from your own perspective to look at the awareness of where these “training wheels” still exist.

Yes, there may have been some bumps and bruises involved. Definitely at first you’re going to have that initial phase where everything is scary. But then after a while, it kind of moves on. These amazingly quick sessions I actually had where the discoveries of the clients, in my case I passed on the strategic discussions, it’s been amazing for me to say, “Okay, this stuff can actually be done without me.” That awareness took me forever, and I think that’s the big challenge here is for this long time to recognize that in life there are things that you need to think about that need to taken as the next step and that translates into business. It’s these blind spots that you can’t see.

'There are things that you need to think about that needs to be taken as the next step and that translates into business.' Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

I recognize this because even in my kitchen in my house I realize there are still these plastic connections that keep the cabinet shut for children not to get in. My kids are like 10 years old. They shouldn’t even be there, but they’ve been there for so long. It’s like you don’t see them anymore.

This is the type of same sense of scenario you get with the training wheels of your own business where you don’t even see them. I found this to be very, very adequate as a discussion point. Where can you take off the training wheels in your own business? If you think about it, where are the points where there’s ability to sort of move on to the next layer? This is a quantum leap. If you’re talking about letting or getting yourself out of the way and letting other people take over, it is a massive step to increase the size and scope of the business. If we can build up the systems and training, now we’re even on a different level. If you can build out systems then teach other people to do these next steps, that’s where it becomes really interesting.

Keeping, in our case, our office in Mexico where we have additional resources, where we are building out infrastructure of developers and designers and project management, keeping that forward looking and hiring ahead so that we actually have capacity and that we can prove our real value by speed. These are the things that we’re just not taking the training wheels off. Every day I think what could we do to move the company forward? It’s really looking at these things that we built and where can we access the capabilities to move them forward faster.

“The opportunity is to ride off in any direction that you want after you’ve taken your training wheels off.” Matt CoffyClick To Tweet

Making progress by taking off the training wheels is an interesting thought, but how do you actually start doing it? That’s where I actually start to think this is where it makes a big point, which is that even looking at your car, your shoes, the things that you do on a daily basis, where can you really say like I know I can make a difference? Start making a small baby step forward in those rudimentary but more regimented things that you’re doing on a daily basis where you know that there’s a next level and taking that baby step. Because really if you identify them and even if you fall a few times after you’ve taken that next step, the opportunity is to ride off in any direction that you want after you’ve taken your training wheels off.

This is the real big step for us and this is progress by initiation, to take that next leap. We’re taking the next leap forward as a company. We’re going to be providing new things directly right on our website to provide services that you can buy directly and we’re going to be doing coaching. We’re going to throw in another brand. All the things that we need to have in order to grow. That’s what this show is all about. You’re going to see lots of cool things coming. We have new guests coming up in the next couple of episodes. Excited to go forward, march forward into this year coming up in 2017 although we really think video is going to be one of the huge things just like you’re watching right now as part of the entire client mix that we’ll be providing. We’ll see you on the next episode.